Established in 1995, Premier Cru are Europe's Leading Fine Wine Investment House
Fine Wine has consistently out performed all other forms of recognised investment
Returns of a managed cellar have exceeded that of the FTSE for over 3 decades

About Us

Premier Cru was founded in 1992 and is a family run company. They are experts in wine investments and are able to offer you a tax-free investment service in fine wines to purchase and the storage management and the eventual sale of your high growth Fine Wine Investment Portfolio.

Premier Cru has been supplying private investment cellars to the average investor, since 1994. The Company is unique because it does not hold stock. The Company decides which wines are going to be the best to buy for a client's particular needs and then sources those wines at the most competitive prices from the best wine merchants in the industry. Clients' cellars are proactively managed by turning their wine for a profit and re-investing in younger vintages. Premier Cru selects, stores, manages and sells the wines on their clients' behalf.

Investment in wines is nothing new. In fact those with expert knowledge of the best vintages and top chateaux of Bordeaux have been exploiting this sector for hundreds of years. Over the last quarter of a century Fine Wines have proved to be one of the most consistently stable, high yielding, lower risk investments in the world.

When investing in Fine Wines you should rely on expert advice. We at Premier Cru, together with some of the world's leading experts in this field are able to offer you a complete service in the purchase, storage management and eventual sale of your Fine Wine Investment Portfolio.

Out of over 4000 chateaux in Bordeaux, only the top 50 reach the standards we demand. For a quality investment the wine must be from the best vintage of the top chateaux. Records that go back over 250 years show that Fine Wine has remained the steadiest form of investment in the world, generally unaffected by general elections, stock market fluctuations and interest rate changes. With our unique combination of expertise in Fine Wines, tax law, investment management and market requirements, we are able to structure 'individually tailored' personal investment portfolios. As other wine regions have gained popularity for investment purposes we have diversified our client’s holdings to include wines from Burgundy, Tuscany, Rhone and Champagne.

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