Established in 1995, Premier Cru are Europe's Leading Fine Wine Investment House
Fine Wine has consistently out performed all other forms of recognised investment
Returns of a managed cellar have exceeded that of the FTSE for over 3 decades

Investment Plans

Investment Plans from Premiercru Fine Wines


  • Capital Investment Portfolio
  • Income Portfolio
  • Retirement Plans
  • Monthly Saving Plan
  • School Fees Plan
  • Wedding Plan
  • Mortgage Repayment Portfolio

Capital Investment Plans: start from £5,000
There is no upper limit, subject only to availability. Additional investments can be as low as £1000
and can be invested at any time during the year

Monthly Investment Plans: £5,000 initial investment and £175 per month,
and can be enhanced at any time.

Income Portfolio: minimum investments of £10,000

Additional investments may be made into any plan at any time. The minimum additional investment is £500 there is no maximum. Investments in excess of £250,000 will need to be spread evenly throughout the market, to keep prices stable, and will take up to 2 weeks to fully invest.

Minimum recommended term for all plans is 3 years (unless specifically arranged with head office), however 5 years is preferable. There is no maximum investment period. A cellar of Fine Wine can be managed and 'turned' for hundreds of years without further capital expenditure. All wines can be placed in trust.

Investment Charges for Wine Investing

Portfolio arrangement, documentation, transport, receiving, handling and documenting all wines into your private account at Locke-King Vaults, the fine wine storage facility of EHD No.1 Bond, is charged at 2.55% for the first year. 

From the first anniversary of the cellar, the annual management fee is just 1.75% of the cellar value. A discounted annual warehousing charge of just £11 per annum which includes insurance and storage has been secured for our clientele.

  • No Dealing Charges on purchase
  • No Dealing Charges on sale - unless sold at auction
  • No Early Encashment Charges
  • No Investment Top Up Charges
  • No Partial Encashment Charges

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